Is it possible to look at the same star and find it now one way, now another? What is it that changes? Perception, I hear one say. The star is the same but your perception of it has changed. But why then does my perception of it change? If it is something within myself, have I not caused the change? Would I not know what changed in me and when it did so change? The change was unconscious, another one tells me.  But surely there must have been some cause for the unconscious change; what brought it about? Was it something outside of me then? For if something changed within myself, with no outside influence, of which I was unaware, my body has turned away from me and become someone else, something else altogether unperceivable and remote. Yet if it was an outside influence, I must be able to adjust my eyes to it and locate it. It must be there. Was it that little star after all?