The cold scratched his face and bit into his nose as he stepped down the abandoned street. He felt no distinction between the silence, darkness, and emptiness of his surroundings and that which lay inside of him. He might just as well have been taking a stroll through his mind, except, there was that cold sensation again. It reminded him that he had a body. A gust of wind aggravated the stinging in his face, and tears began to stream from his eyes as if to fight against the wind. He allowed them to fall. For a few moments he thought and felt little, until, to his surprise, he realized that the tears were no longer prompted externally. They now fell from deep within. He gave in and let the pressure and heat in his chest, his stomach, his very being spurt through his eyes and into the world. The loneliness of nature’s first particle rippled through him, and the sadness accumulated in every sentient being since that first particle still shook his body as he ran his sleeve across his face, and continued stepping into the night.